JONK (Joy Of Not Knowing)

Growth Mindset

Here are Kinsale Infant School we are proud to continue to build on and develop our journey of the concept ‘Growth Mindset’ philosophy across our school. We have taken on the principles of JONK (Joy Of Not Knowing), that Marcelo Staricoff has researched and developed. We hope that our persistent use of the approach will help the children to become independent learners, who have the resilience to learn and think creatively.

Ready to Learn for Life

The learning dispositions are to highlight our behaviour as a learner.

‘Ready to Learn for
Life’ Dispositions
Curious Cat
  • I enjoy finding things out
  • I can ask questions … How? Why?
  • I want to find out more
  • I’m keen to explore and discover new things
Creative Bird
  • I have an idea, a plan
  • I like to challenge myself
  • I use my imagination
  • I try new things
Collaborative Bee
  • I like learning with other people
  • I ask for help
  • I share my ideas with others
  • I value the ideas of others
Reflective Owl
  • I did it! Yay me!
  • I am proud when I do something well/try something new
  • I can make links with what I already know
  • I can talk about why it did not work
Resilient Penguin
  • I have a go
  • I did it! That’s all I need to make me happy
  • I keep on trying – Don’t give up!
  • I take a risk
Resourceful Squirrel
  • I can use different strategies
  • I think about what I need and know where to find it
  • I know what can help me to learn
  • I can learn anywhere

Learning Leaders

Each KS1 class has voted for two children to be our ‘Learning Leaders’

The Learning Leaders meet once a month and their role is to discuss and plan ideas, to support our learning experiences at Kinsale Infant. Once a term they will go on a learning walk to see how JONK is ‘seen’ in our learning environments, focusing in particular on how the JONK vocabulary is being used throughout the school by children and staff.

Learning Leaders have had a very important job at the beginning of this academic year. As this is our first year embedding the JONK approach, we decided to create a competition for all the KS1 children to use a given definition for each learning disposition and to research an animal that shows the same attributes. The Learning Leaders had a lot to choose from but manage to discuss and vote for the winners (please see above).